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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead PC Review


There have been lots of bridge construction simulators out there and the latest addition to these types of games is the newly released Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. This game was developed ClockStone and it was published on different platforms by Headup Games. The new Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is far way different than the other bridge building games as it introduced the all-new strategic elements to the formula.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has been inspired by the top-hit AMC zombie series titled The Walking Dead starring Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and more stars. It’s not the only game inspired from the series as Telltale Games also released a story-based game of the same title.

As for the Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, players will be seeing the return of some known faces from the original series including Eugene who plays a huge role. You will also get a chance to play as Michonne and Daryle. This was the first The Walking Dead-inspired bridge construction game and it includes some story cutscenes.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking DeadBridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

The gameplay in this bridge construction games comes in multiple phases. You will be building a bridge to help the survivors survive and in some levels, you will have to control specific characters by simply using instructions. Each level of the game will have different control points where you can set a sequence of instructions for a character’s action when reaching a certain point. The main goal was to reach the safety zone and you have to command a character to take a certain path such as climbing up or down a ladder. Another action that can be set to a character in the game is when to trigger a certain device to temporarily stop or crash a zombie chasing them. Some characters such as Daryl will have a specific action that can be useful to take down zombies such as firing an arrow.

You will be getting a lot of mistakes on your first try of the game, but obviously, you will soon be more playful with the tricks just to survive. You have the option when will be the start of the zombie attack and wait if your bridge can handle their weight or collapse. There are characters in the game that can fight and kill walkers, especially when they face them. In case your setup collapse, there’s no one to judge you and you can freely return and rebuild and strategize your bridge. But just like any other bridge-building game, your resources are limited, so you’ll have to be wise in your decisions.

In each level, you will be asked to complete it without even going over a certain amount of resources. Some of these materials are based on the total value and how many items you have used. Wood is one of the cheapest and you can upgrade to get a stronger and better bridge. It’s fascinating and fun how you can create a strong bridge with unlimited resources, and I would like to thank the creator for creating such a feature. The game also features a good physics that enhanced the overall gameplay experience as you fight the walkers.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking DeadBridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

I mentioned above about the new elements that you can found in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. One of these features that I love is the ability to lay traps just to take down the walkers. The puzzle on each level are quite good that enhances every player’s imaginations and critical thinking skills. Also, I like the fact that the game is a pure physics-based, which means that there is no exact solution on each level and you’ll have to find your own way to solve it.

For the graphics, controls and hardware, the game is also doing good but I do believe that there will be more room for improvements. You can just your mouse or a game controller, the keyboard is not required. In my case, I prefer using the mouse as it is where I am comfortable. The game requirements are also low and you can even your old PC can handle it smoothly.

All in all, I enjoyed playing Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. I’m a fan of The Walking Dead and bridge construction games, but I am not giving any bias feedback for this game. You can grab this game for just $10 on Steam. It is also available on mobile, both Android and iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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