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Maneater PC Review


If you’re one of the gamers out there who have been idolizing the bad guys in the game, you surely want to jump and try Maneater video game. Maneater has been constantly exploring the wide seas while trying its best to survive in the gaming community. In Maneater, you will be playing as a shark, but not just a usual shark as you will be having a chance to evolve into a monster that will bring terror in the seas. Just after a short tutorial, you will be immediately targetted by hunters led by a notorious fisherman named Scaly Pete. Scaly’s hunting is being broadcasted and it was hosted by Chris Parnel, who will be narrating your domination and survival.

As you progress through the game, you will be discovering that you’re playing as the mother of a baby shark that Pete killed. This scene lays out more than 50 hours of hunting, grinding, and upgrading your shark. The story has been set up in the coastal of Louisiana and you will be swimming across different environments such as toxic waste zone, swamp, Broadwalk theme park, retirement community, and more. Depending on your location, you will be meeting lots of activities and actions in the game.


Some of the activities that you can do while exploring and hunting in Maneater are eating license plates, discovering new landmarks (that will give you mini-cutscenes), treasure hunting, and many more. And of course, being a game similar to the popular Android game titled Shark Evolution, you will be meeting a lot of humans that you can devour. Just like this mobile game, Maneater video game will also allow you to jump out of the water for a few seconds and eat any edible things or humans that you can reach. Humans love to sunbathing near the open seas and that’s the perfect time for you to surprise them with your sharp jaws. As I mentioned above, you can only survive out of the water for a few moments, but your capability will also increase as you upgrade your stats in the game.

As you eat more humans, you will also be seeing shark hunters arriving in your area. But don’t worry as you will be seeing them arriving by looking at your threat meter. Once the shark hunters arrive, you should expect that more blood will spill. This time, it’s a predator vs predator fight. The shark hunters will be shooting you with their lethal weapons. You have two options here, first is by fighting them by attacking their boats or escape. In case you got hit by the attacks of the hunters, you can easily replenish your health by eating the hunters around or any fish nearby. However, please do note that the more hunters you kill, the more notorious you will become, which means more shark hunters with bigger weapons will arrive to hunt you down.


Just like my favorite shark game on mobile, you will start as a small shark. You need to complete the objectives and missions to increase your level. Increasing your level will unlock more skill tree that will give your shark more talent and skills in the game. As you progress to the game, your shark will slowly grow and if you grind enough, your shark can even become the Megalodon. Being the biggest and most powerful shark in the world of Maneater, there’s no one to stop you. Megalodon can easily devour shark hunters, their weapons, and even their ships. The maximum level you can attain in Maneater is level 30, and by that time, you surely have unlocked most of the abilities and upgrades in the game.

I played the game on computer and so far, I haven’t encountered any glitch or game crashes. The game is working smoothly on my Ryzen 7 3700x and Nvidia GTX 1080. To sum up this review, I am giving Maneater a score of 8 out of 10. I really enjoyed this game and I am hoping the developer will release more content in the future. Apart from the PC version, Maneater is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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